Copenhagen Fintech Awards 2020

Copenhagen Fintech Awards 2020
Nordic Fintech - Global Impact

Nominations are OPEN until September 10th

At Copenhagen Fintech we salute all fintech entrepreneurs – but this year at Copenhagen Fintech Week, we will be announcing five special Copenhagen Fintech Award winners among the Nordic fintech ecosystem. The five awards are this year dedicated to recognize exceptional fintech startups (max three years old) that are working within five different sub impact-impact categories, which we have identified together with our fintech hub-friends from The Nordic Fintech Alliance.

(1) Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion means that individuals and businesses have access to useful and affordable financial products and services that meet their needs – transactions, payments, savings, credit and insurance – delivered in a responsible and sustainable way. In the very core of the fintech-revolution lies the fact the digitalisation of finance potentially makes it a lot easier for those that were earlier underbanked to start using financial products. This access to basic financial services has huge SDG impact possibilities and we see a lot of fintech companies focusing on microfinance, microlending or third world investment programs.

(2) Financing Impact

Financing impact through equity investing, crowdfunding or other solutions, is one of the greatest opportunities for everyone to help anyone. When asset managers and private citizens alike focus on investing in companies that have real impact, the world will move closer toward realizing the SDG goals in timely fashion. Financing the right projects could help decrease poverty, finance solutions towards changing climate change, build the right infrastructure in third world countries, and on so forth. If money truly makes the world go round, deploying capital in the right areas makes sure it goes in the right way.

(3) ESG Data

The category ESG Data covers the variety of fintech companies who use different kinds of dataset to analyze companies on their ESG-impact. The screening can be used for investment purposes, helping investment funds of various size understand their current or potential portfolio companies. ESG data can also be used internally in a company to analyze their own company data. In this category we also include companies focusing on data ethics in general.

(4) Energy & Climate

A lot of fintech companies focus on developing data driven CO2-, waste reduction or carbon off-setting products. By handling the data parts and the transaction parts of such solutions it becomes clear how the use of fintech instruments can have a huge impact on the many initiatives being developed towards the Energy and Climate goals.

(5) Anti-Corruption & Crime Prevention.

A huge trend within finance and fintech is the new wave of tech-driven solutions targeted towards digital crimes, anti-money laundering and anti-terror financing. The whole area of identifying and tracking identities with respect for GDPR is one of the biggest current trends withing the financial sector and also a necessary tool related to anti-corruption and crime prevention.

Nominations are open, so please E-mail our Head of Startup Growth Oliver Sjostedt at os@copenhagenfintech.dk with any Nordic startup that you think deserve recognition within any of the five areas

The criteria for selecting will be winners will be the jury’s valuation of the companies long term potential to solve the Sustainable Development Challenges and change the planet

The winners in each category will be chosen by an independent jury and will be announced during Copenhagen Fintech Week Global on September 16




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