Innovation Lab Crawl

The Innovation Lab Crawl showcases the city of Copenhagen and a vibrant tech scene. In partnership with leading innovation labs located around centre of Copenhagen, join us as we hop from one cool location to the next “lab crawl” style.


We kick it off with coffee and croissants before we get on the bus together.

The bus will take you magical places: Along the way it will be possible to experience paying for beer with your face, building Natural Language Processing solutions, utilizing design thinking to create user-centric tech solutions, experience some of the most digitally native sites in the Nordic, and see first hand how fintech impacts other sectors!

Come with us as we visit Nets Innovation Lab, IBM Univate x University of Copenhagen, SAP Experience Center, Trustworks, Danske Bank Innovation Labs, Pier 47, Space10, BLOXHUB, and Saxo Bank.

Finally, in the evening, we send off the Copenhagen FinTech Week with a great closing at the Copenhagen FinTech Lab where you can meet the team behind it all as well as the Nordic fintech ecosystem for beer and good vibes.

Don’t wait – join us now for this unforgettable day of fintech and crawling!

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Get to visit these cool Innovation Labs in Copenhagen on Thursday, 20th June:


Pleo is an out-of-the-box business spending solution that offers smart payment cards for employees, enabling them to buy the things they need for work while giving companies full control and visibility of all company spending. Connected to desktop and mobile apps, Pleo allows both employees and managers to track and manage all company expenses in real time. Pleo catches receipts on the go, automatically categorizes expenses based on previous behaviour and eliminates the need to do manual expense reports. All captured data can be fed directly into the customer’s accounting system, significantly reducing the administrative complexities of the finance function.

Pleo logo

Copenhagen FinTech Lab

No Lab Crawl without visiting the FinTech Lab! Copenhagen FinTech Lab established in 2016 is a true Innovation Power House located in central Copenhagen. It is the vibrant workplace for 50 permanent fintech company residents but also a global meeting point and networking hotspot for the global fintech community connected to the organization Copenhagen FinTech who owns and runs the Lab. The FinTech Lab is a fantastic Danish story on building a collaborative community by bringing together stakeholders from various angles, bound together by a joint vision of innovation.

On the Lab Crawl you can visit the residents, hear the Copenhagen FinTech Story and of course CEO Thomas Krogh will be rolling out the BBQ, Head of Startup Growth Oliver Sjösted will be explaining the startup programs and Captain Simon Schou will be giving canal-tours in the FinTech Lab boat!

IBM Client Innovation Center

IBM Client Innovation Center is based at the Copenhagen University campus where more than 60 innovative employees are bringing innovation to our clients focusing on AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Blockchain, and other new technologies.

During your visit we will tell the story of 3 client use cases – one focusing on how we are using Natural Language Processing to deliver a superior customer service using voice-to-text and chatbots. How we developed a ML algorithm to automate matching of data. A case focusing on how we use Design Thinking, Design Sprints and User Experience to design, validate and accelerate development of new digital products and services across industries.


Trustworks is all about ending business as usual. Trustworks is an IT Management consultancy that helps clients in all aspects of digital business development – from strategy and roadmaps to leading, designing and implementing project deliverables.

The Fintech Lab Crawl event is at the very heart of one of the core values at Trustworks – trust. The session is entitled Trust by Design, and during the hour there will be demos, discussions, and practical examples of how the Financial Services Industry can create Trust by Design from strategy to execution.

Nets Innovation Hub

Nets Innovation hub is an innovation initiative created to ensure that Nets has a focus on the future of payments.

We are on a mission to help our customers deliver a great consumer experience where payments are as frictionless as possible. This by researching future trends, experimenting with the new technology and engage with partners and customers to solve real payment problems.

At the Lab Crawl we will show some of the experiments that we have created. This includes frictionless checkout, ultrasound payments, VR shopping and buying beer with your face.

SAP Experience Center

SAP Experience Center in Copenhagen to assist Danish companies in taking digital leadership.

SAP Experience Center will help all business decision-makers to make the right choices when facing challenges owing to the digital transformation. The development center is also open to politicians who want to explore what digital development will bring and how to handle this.

Our goal is to inspire everyone visiting our Experience Centre. It is a place for companies and organizations to meet and innovate their business by combining data, design and digital business models,” Jesper Schleimann, CTO, SAP Nordic.

Danske Bank New Ventures

New Ventures is a unit in Danske Bank dedicated to exploring the future of banking. Based in Central Copenhagen more than 40 employees work to turn great ideas into innovative products and services. We are a diverse group of people with different nationalities and professional backgrounds, and we organize in multidisciplinary teams to combine design thinking, UX, data science, business insights and software development skills.

At the Lab Crawl we will share our learnings from innovating in a large corporate, but also introduce you to some of the partnerships and products that are currently keeping us busy, as well as those dead and buried on the project graveyard.


SolarVille is an ambitious yet fully realisable vision for the future. Specifically, it’s a working prototype of a miniature neighbourhood completely powered by solar energy. Built to a 1:50 scale, some households generate their own renewable energy using solar panels, while others automatically purchase excess electricity directly from the producer using blockchain technology. The result is a model of a self-sufficient, community-driven microgrid where people trade renewable, affordable energy from one another according to their individual needs.

SPACE10 is a research and design lab on a mission to create better and more sustainable ways of living.


Rainmaking at Pier47 is a collaborative space for 400 entrepreneurs and innovation leaders. The house is also the frame around Copenhagen’s new Healthtech Hub. During our visit at Pier47, we will touch base with a selection of their teams within the crossroads of fintech and health. We will talk about how the future of health takes in smarter payments and transparent cost flows. And look at some seriously original products.

Saxo Bank

At Saxo Bank there will a chance to experience:

  • An introduction to Saxo Bank: a 25 year old FinTech organisation – Ashok Kalyanswamy, Group CIO
  • SaxoTrader Go: our state-of-the-art trading platform – Travis Isgro, Platform Lead Architect
  • Saxo Bank’s relationship with FinTech companies – Chris Truce, Head of Fintech
  • Virtual Reality for capital markets trading – Tim Granlund Marsden, Principal Lead Developer

Scott Logic - CopenHill Tour

NB! This is Wednesday, June 19th at 16:30-18:00 with transport from Halvandet.

Spectacular and innovative in the true sense of the words. That’s Copenhill – the artificial ski slope and recreational hiking area, built on top of the new waste management center. CopenHill will be an all-new way to think urban resource handling and build waste-to-energy plants that are actually welcomed by the inhabitants.

When the program wraps off Wednesday, June 19th, we will visit the new CopenHill with a small delegation for a private tour. Transport will be from the Main Conference at Halvandet. Stay tuned!

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Nordic Impact Innovation Summit

The One Initiative is a bold ambition. They believe, that it is possible to use the forces of the market as a powerful driver towards a sustainable future. They want to make it happen. The One Initiative is organizing their first summit ever “Nordic Impact Business Summit” and will be taking place in the Old Stock Exchange building in Copenhagen.

The summit is neither a trade show, a conference or a pitch contest. It is a day of 100 round tables with room for impact companies to be matched with ambitious investors and thoughtful business developers to improve their business and solutions for a better world.

Want to get a chance to be seated at one of these tables?
This is an all-day event organized by The One Initiative. 30 seats are reserved for Copenhagen FinTech Week participants.

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