Innovation Lab Crawl

Inspired by our good friends in Singapore we have this year added an extra feature to the Copenhagen FinTech Week – the “Innovation Lab Crawl” 20th June.

You probably know that Copenhagen is a great City when it comes to quality of living, bicycles, sustainability and the cleanest swimmable harbor in the world. If not, you will experience it when visiting Copenhagen FinTech Week and our harbor side beach bar – for this conference, you should actually bring your swimwear!

But did you know that Copenhagen is also home for a bustling and creative business environment packed with creative startup communities, vibrant tech universities, and innovative global financial tech companies like Nordea, IBM, Tradeshift, Saxo Bank, SimCorp, Nets, Chainalysis, and Netcompany? At the Lab Crawl, we invite you to visit these innovation hot spots for inspiration on how to work with innovation and to explore state-of-the-art technology-based fintech solutions of tomorrow.

The program will be updated continuously.

Want to showcase your Innovation Lab?
Please reach out to Simon or Sebastian to get more info.


Get to visit these cool Innovation Labs in Copenhagen on Thursday, 20th June:

Copenhagen FinTech Lab

No Lab Crawl without visiting the FinTech Lab! Copenhagen FinTech Lab established in 2016 is a true Innovation Power House located in central Copenhagen. It is the vibrant workplace for 50 permanent fintech company residents but also a global meeting point and networking hotspot for the global fintech community connected to the organization Copenhagen FinTech who owns and runs the Lab. The FinTech Lab is a fantastic Danish story on building a collaborative community by bringing together stakeholders from various angles, bound together by a joint vision of innovation.

On the Lab Crawl you can visit the residents, hear the Copenhagen FinTech Story and of course CEO Thomas Krogh will be rolling out the BBQ, Head of Startup Growth Oliver Sjösted will be explaining the startup programs and Captain Simon Schou will be giving canal-tours in the FinTech Lab boat!