Nordic Impact Business Summit

Calling all investors & business developers!

The One Initiative is organizing its first summit ever; Nordic Impact Business Summit. The summit is neither a trade show, a conference or a pitch contest. It is a day of 100 round tables with room for impact companies to be matched with ambitious investors and thoughtful business developers to improve their business and solutions for a better world.

50 promising Nordic impact companies each host a table, where they are matched with potential investors and market experts. The companies are carefully selected by independent impact curators based on a thorough analysis looking at the product, technology, business model, impact data, team, scalability, etc.

The event is for investors, impact professionals, business developers and other people with the right mindset and personal resources to support ambitious Nordic impact companies in their aspirations for a global market.

Investors and Business Developers from the network of Copenhagen FinTech are invited to be a part of this event. Apply below, and The One Initiative will be matchmaking your profile with these promising impact companies. This will also provide a great discount for your ticket to Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019!

Venue: Børsen, Møntergade 19, 1140 Copenhagen
Date: 20th June at 8:00-20:00

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