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Join our great Nordic fintech conference

What’s in it for me as a global fintech startup?
The Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019 will be packed with partnership-ready people from the Nordic and the global Financial Services industry as well as all the serious fintech investors from the Nordics. The logo-list of participants can be seen at the front page. So looking for a Nordic partner and/or investor? Then this is the place to be!

When is it important for me to be present?
There are activities from June 14th to 20th. As a global fintech startup you should prioritize:
17th June 17.00-19.00 – Global Fintech Hubs Night at Nordea
Kick start your networking at this great event. Get close to the largest bank in the Nordics, meet fintech investor from Nordea Private Banking and the Copenhagen Fintech Investor network. OBS! You need to sign up for the event separately.
18th-19th June – Main Conference
During the Main Conference 18th-19th June, you will have the opportunity to meet Nordic and global partners and investors and book 1:1 meetings with them. Get an overview of all participants, as well as our partners and sponsors on the front page. We will have the matchmaking app up and running weeks before the conference
Pitching opportunity Click “Interested in pitching” when you get your ticket and we will try to make room for a pitch on the Fintech & Dream pitching stage
Showcasing opportunity For all startups and global fintech hubs, we offer the opportunity to exhibit your startup during the Main Conference, 18th-19th June. Click “Interested in showcasing” when you get your ticket.
18th in the evening – Copenhagen FinTech BBQ Join the famous Networking BBQ for all the attendees after the first day of the Main Conference, 18th June.
20th June Innovation Lab Crawls. Meet a lot of the interesting potential Danish partners in their own venues on the Lab Crawls. OBS! You need to sign up for the event separately.

How do I prepare my matchmaking?
We will have a matchmaking app up and running before the conference. Make sure to do your profile here and arrange your meeting before the conference.

What’s the prize of the tickets?
Startup tickets are 200 Euros in full prize. But we have made agreements with a lot our the fintech-organizations from around the globe with special discounts. So it will be cheaper or even free if you go with your hub-delegation.

Contact Naima or Ane

A Playground for Startups & Entrepreneurs

14-16 June, Fintech Startup Weekend

Challenge your entrepreneurial mindset

Prior to Copenhagen FinTech Week, we will kick-off with a Startup Weekend together with Techstars, June 14-16. 100 entrepreneurial minds meet for 54 exciting hours of pure fintech innovation!

Do you have an idea you’d like to pursue or a problem you’d like to solve but don’t know where to start or who to start with? Techstars Startup Weekend is the place to look for a team, create a prototype of your idea, validate your business idea, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, all in one weekend.

Read more here

17 June, Fintech Symposium

Go deep into tech with top researchers

June 17, we will bring together the world’s top fintech researchers, giving you access to groundbreaking research directly applicable to companies in the industry. Join us at the beautiful venue of the University of Copenhagen for a day with specialists within AI and Blockchain, networking sessions, and get inspired in the debate about a Nordic fintech education.

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17 June, Hubs Night by Nordea

Gathering all fintech hubs from around the world

Are you sitting in a co-working space or are you a part of a fintech hub? This year, we have made an incredible ticket package for fintech hubs. Every hub will be invited for a HUBS NIGHT by Nordea, 17 June in the evening. Meet your awesome world-wide fintech colleagues before the Main Conference the following days.

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18-19 June, Main Conference

Get the opportunity to showcase, pitch, book 1:1's and network

The Main Conference is taking place at an urban island in the middle of Copenhagen called Refshaleøen. Besides the official program, you will get plenty of opportunities to network during this 2-day conference. As a ticket holder, you will get the opportunity to showcase and/or pitch your startup during the Main Conference. We have several pitching sessions both days, as well as an exhibition area in the center of the venue. Look forward to the conference app (coming soon) to book your own 1:1 meetings with other attendees, eg. investors. Stay tuned!

Please note, that you have to be a ticket holder, before applying.
Apply for pitching/showcasing

20 June, Innovation Lab Crawl

Lab Crawl through Copenhagen with the best collection of Innovation Labs

As a wrap-up, we are designing an Innovation Lab Crawl through our beautiful capital region Copenhagen. Copenhagen is home for a bustling and creative business environment packed with creative startup communities, vibrant tech universities, and innovative global financial tech companies like Nordea, IBM, Tradeshift, Saxo Bank, SimCorp, Nets, Chainalysis, and Netcompany.

At the Lab Crawl, we invite you to visit these innovation hot spots for inspiration on how to work with innovation and to explore state-of-the-art technology-based fintech solutions of tomorrow.

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