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Bodo Lieberam

CEO at Microcred China

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Bodo Lieberam was appointed Microcred China’s CEO in March 2017. Reporting to the Baobab Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Bodo’s responsibility is to ensure that Microcred China continues reaching a dominant place in a rapidly changing market environment, by digitalizing the whole loan process and by establishing new partnerships with internet platforms.

Bodo has been working for Microcred for 15 years. He was particularly involved in the creation and development of several subsidiaries, the most recent one being Microcred Tunisia, and in the optimization of the operations through digital tools. He joined Microcred in 2005 and held several CEO positions within the Microcred network.

Prior to joining Microcred, Bodo was General Manager of NovoBanco SARL, Mozambique, where he supervised 6 branches and 250 employees, and President & CEO at Micro Enterprise Bank, Philippines. Prior to this, he served as a consultant for the opening of a new microfinance bank in Macedonia and was a Branch Manager of FEFAD Bank (now ProCredit Bank) in Albania on behalf of Internationale Projekt Consult GmbH, Frankfurt.