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Jesper Nyvold Larsen



Jesper Nyvold Larsen is CTO at SDC, a Danish based IT company which supply a proven and resilient IT platform currently supporting 120+ small and medium sized Nordics banks. SDC's vision is to build an open and extendable product that will satisfy any bank in our segment.

Jesper has a long career as technology leader in various IT companies and organizations and he is currently part of the Copenhagen Fintech mentoring team.

All sessions by Jesper Nyvold Larsen:

Open and Embedded Finance

15:00 - 16:30

Have you heard of Open Finance? We got you! Its a trending topic around the world and you'll find out why in this session.

For the past two years, Europe has talked about Open Banking but what is Open Finance?

Like Open Banking, Open Finance is not an end but a new step. As it will bring us closer to Open Data and a data-driven world in which all ecosystems (utilities, health information, telco) are connected. Therefore, the Industry must embrace Open Finance and incorporate in its culture. A new blue ocean is forming and those who thrive in it are more likely to succeed in imminent Open Data reality.

Get smarter about Open Finance and join some of the leading experts in presentations, pitches and panels.

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