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Copenhagen Fintech is an association gathering all corporates and startups from the Danish financial sector. Every year, we are organizing the largest fintech conference in the Nordics gathering hundreds of the greatest financial institutions, the most promising startups, fintech hubs from all over the world, fintech thought leaders and many more.

Are you just as fascinated with startups, fintech, and the newest technology as us and would you like to get involved with Copenhagen FinTech Week? Then fill in our signup form. We’re looking for volunteers to help us out with a bunch of different tasks before, during and after the conference. If you want to get involved and put your skills into practice, we would be more than happy to hear from you.

As a volunteer, your hours will mainly be spent up to and during the Main Conference 18-19th June, except a workshop WEDNESDAY, 12th JUNE at 3pm-5pm. Becoming a fintech hero, you will actively help make Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019 a success!

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