World Fintech Festival 2021


World Fintech Festival: Nordics

Copenhagen Fintech is thrilled to represent Nordic Fintech in our partnership with Singapore Fintech Festival 2021.

In this chapter, you'll receive the latest news & insights into the world of fintech from a Nordic perspective. The unfoldment will involve panels, discussions and talks from people with a variety of backgrounds in fintech and finance.

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustainability from a regulators perspective
  • Making finance greener
  • The impact of open and embedded finance and its ethical implications
  • How fintechs develop solutions for SMEs

You'll also get to hear the latest developments from companies including Moneyflow, Agroclimatica and Deedster. You won't want to miss the Copenhagen Fintech Week award ceremony either, which will feature the best Nordic Scale-up, Newcomer, and Impact Solution of the year.

Our programme features prominent speakers from around the world including, but not limited to:

... Theodor Christensen, Head of Sustainable Finance at Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

... Sasja Beslik, Senior Executive in Sustainable Finance, author of “Where the Money Tree Grows” (2021)

... Andrea Kates, managing direct at Next

... Ashok Kalyanswamy, Senior Executive Vice President and CIO at Saxo Bank

... Jason Channell, Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Finance at Citi Global

... Kim Ulf Rehfeld Thoden, CEO at Moneyflow

Who is Copenhagen Fintech?

Copenhagen Fintech strives to support human-centric financial solutions with the potential to shape our global society. At Copenhagen Fintech, we're building the most inclusive and expansive fintech ecosystem. With a focus on human-centric solutions for a greater purpose, we help startups get off the ground by connecting them with financial institutions, research organizations, governments, NGOs and individuals who want to make a difference.

08:00 to 08:05: Welcome and intro

08:05 to 08:15: Keynote: Key trends from the Nordics: Nordic Fintech Magazine

08:15 to 08:45: Interview: Nordic Trends from three companies from the Nordics

08:45 to 09:15: Fintech Awards Session

09:15 to 09:35: Fifty Shades of Sustainability: a regulators perspective

09:35 to 10:00: The Data Challenge - A legitimate excuse or?

10:00 to 10:15: Break

10:15 to 10:35: Building a foundation to make finance greener

10:35 to 10:55: Keynote: The ecosystem at the heart of business

  • Jason Channell, Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Finance, Citi Global Insights

10:55 to 11:05: Keynote: The role of financial institutions in supporting their clients on their sustainability journey

11.05 to 11:30: Sustainability trend seminar

11:30 to 11:50: Learn from a Nordic sustainable fintech frontrunner

11:50 to 12:00 : Keynote: Now

12:00 to 12:05: Wrapup

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08:00 to 08:05: Welcome and intro

08:05 to 08:35: Keynote: Incumbent Reinvention: Getting to Next, but how?

08:35 to 09:20: SME pitching session

09:20 to 09:40: Keynote: Crediwire: How SMEs can benefit from the latest fintech solutions to leverage untapped potential

09:40 to 10:10: Panel: The impact of Open and Embedded Finance and the ethical implications

10:10 to 10:30: Break

10:30 to 11:00: Signoff from Singapore

11:00 to 11:05: Wrapup